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Date Host Hits Rank Max Online (time)
Today ----
23.Sep.1411(c)01 (05:17)
22.Aug.1411(c)01 (20:26)
18.Jun.1411(c)01 (06:19)
07.May.1411(c)01 (18:01)
25.Mar.1411(c)01 (16:03)
02.Mar.1411(c)01 (02:38)
08.Feb.1411(c)01 (02:14)
06.Feb.1411(c)01 (10:32)
22.Dec.1311(c)17521 (03:39)
19.Nov.1311(c)16171 (03:22)
03.Nov.1311(c)16581 (13:14)
19.Aug.1311(c)18841 (10:38)
13.Aug.1311(c)15011 (18:58)
19.May.1311(c)14171 (08:09)
15.May.1311(c)14051 (13:19)
26.Feb.1311(c)13811 (12:43)
23.Feb.1311(c)14151 (20:32)
16.Dec.1211(c)14691 (21:11)
13.Dec.1211(c)14501 (12:40)
10.Dec.1211(c)14591 (12:49)
02.Dec.1211(c)14381 (11:21)
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